Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Handmade Chocolate Truffels

This recipe is from my good friend Rayner Lucas, who lives in the UK.  

OK, this is kind of approximate - you might need to try it out a couple of times to get the texture and quantity right.For the filling:
  • 300g Chocolate (good dark chocolate, 70% cocoa or more)
  • 300g Thick cream
  • Flavouring (optional, try using your favourite liqueurs)
  • I add a bit of powdered chili (cayenne) to this mixtre
For the outside:
  • Another 150-200g of chocolate! (very dark chocolate is nice and crunchy, but you can experiment with different kinds - white chocolate could work very well)
  • Something to dust the outside with (optional, try cocoa powder,grated chocolate, or icing sugar)
Break the chocolate into small pieces and melt it over a very gentle heat (you need a double boiler or bain-marie for this, really, but make sure no water gets into the chocolate, because that makes it go all lumpy and useless).

While the chocolate is melting, gently heat the cream up until it just reaches boiling point. Mix the cream into the chocolate a little bit at a time, folding it in gently. If you are adding flavourings, this is a good time to do it.

Leave the mixture somewhere to cool. I am impatient and put it in the fridge.

When the mixture is cool enough, divide it into lumps, and roll the lumps into balls. This will make your hands very sticky - try dusting your hands with cocoa powder to help with this.

Now melt the other lot of chocolate. While it's melting, get a tray and cover it with greaseproof paper.

Dip the balls in the melted chocolate (a couple of teaspoons will help you here). Put them on the tray to solidify. Dust them with cocoa powder or whatever else you would like to use. Wait until they're cool, then eat them! Enjoy!

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